Over the Top: The True Adventures of a Volcano Chaser 

Carsten Peter is a photojournalist and volcanologist who works for National Geographic.  He takes photos of numerous landforms, but his obsession is volcanoes! 

Writer's Notebook Entry #5: If you were a volcanologist entering a live volcano, what kinds of things would you want to know before your descent?  What kinds of things do you predict you would need to bring?  Think of the danger!!!

Make sure to look at the pictures, read the captions, and look at the diagrams in your story.  What are you wondering?  Also, add to your previous list if necessary.

Here is the link to the video from class.  

Attached here is another link to a National Geographic Article about volcanoes.  Take notes on this article for extra credit!

You can also get extra credit by rewriting Carsten Peter's field notes into diary form as if you are Carsten Peter.  Remember to include what you are thinking, feeling, wondering about, worried about, etc. 

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